I need to create my docker container that I generate with my Jhipter application (maven, spring-boot). If I pass parameters dynamically by console, Works correctly:

./mvnw -Pprod -Dspring-boot.run.arguments=--spring.data.mongodb.database="zzasets-0001",spring.data.mongodb.uri="mongodb://"

On the other hand, creating my docker image makes me perfectly

./mvnw package -Pprod verify jib:dockerBuild

I have the problem when I want to create the docker container with my dynamic parameters. I did not take them and although it does not give error, it does not incorporate it into the image that it creates

./mvnw package -Dspring-boot.run.arguments=--spring.data.mongodb.database="zzasets-prueba",spring.data.mongodb.uri="mongodb://" verify jib:dockerBuild
  • Do you want the bake the system property -Dpsring-boot.run.arguments into the Docker image (i.e., statically embedded and fixed) or want to provide the property dynamically at runtime? If former, I remember JHipster has entrypoint.sh somewhere, and you could put it the property there? – Chanseok Oh Nov 19 at 18:52
  • #!/bin/sh echo "The application will start in ${JHIPSTER_SLEEP}s..." && sleep ${JHIPSTER_SLEEP} exec java ${JAVA_OPTS} -noverify -XX:+AlwaysPreTouch -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom -cp /app/resources/:/app/classes/:/app/libs/* "io.wizzie.zzassets.ZzassetsApp" "$@" The contents of the "entrypoint.sh" file, you can give me more detail on how to incorporate my maven arguments. Thank you very much. – jose luis garcia cespedes Nov 20 at 7:44
  • I think you can just put -Dspring-boot.run.arguments=... in between java and ${JAVA_OPTS}. The system property spring-boot.run.arguments will be available to the JVM. – Chanseok Oh Nov 20 at 20:55

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