I need to offset a curve, which by the simplest way is just shifting the points perpendicularly. I can access each point to calculate angle of each line along given path, for now I use atan2. Then I take those two angle and make average of it. It returns the shortest angle, not what I need in this case.

  • How can I calculate angle of each connection? Concerning that I am not interested in the shortest angle but the one that would create parallel offset curve.

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Assuming 2D case...

So do a cross product of direction vectors of 2 neighboring lines the sign of z coordinate of the result will tell you if the lines are CW/CCW

So if you got 3 consequent control points on the polyline: p0,p1,p2 then:

d1 = p1-p0
d2 = p2-p1

if you use some 3D vector math then convert them to 3D by setting:


now compute 3D cross:

n = cross(d1,d2)

which returns vector perpendicular to both vectors of size equals to the area of quad (parallelogram) constructed with d1,d2 as base vectors. The direction (from the 2 possible) is determined by the winding rule of the p0,p1,p2 so inspecting z of the result is enough.

The n.x,n.y are not needed so you can compute directly without doing full cross product:

if (n.z>0) case1
if (n.z<0) case2

if the case1 is CW or CCW depends on your coordinate system properties (left/right handness). This approach is very commonly used in CG fur back face culling of polygons ...

if n.z is zero it means that your vectors/lines are either parallel or at lest one of them is zero.

I think these might interest you:

Also in 2D you do not need atan2 to get perpendicular vector... You can do instead this:

u = (x,y)
v = (-y,x)
w = (x,-y)

so u is any 2D vector and v,w are the 2 possible perpendicular vectors to u in 2D. they are the result of:

  • Thanks a lot! I don't know how but I manage to do it following your instructions. finding out whether angle is CW or CWW was very handful enough. I couldn't really understand what follows after the links. Can you explain it, please? What is u, v, w and what are x, y.. x, y of which point? – Jansindl3r Nov 20 at 23:01
  • @Jansindl3r u is any 2D vector (direction) defined by x,y ... v,w are 2 possible perpendicular vectors to u one is u rotated in CW direction and the other in CCW ... so to compute perpendicular vector in 2D you just swap x,y and negate one of them no need to do atan2 and then cos,sin ... – Spektre Nov 20 at 23:16

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