embedding = nn.Embedding(voc.num_words, hidden_size)    
if loadFilename:    
# Initialize encoder & decoder models    
encoder = EncoderRNN(hidden_size, embedding, encoder_n_layers, dropout)    
decoder = LuongAttnDecoderRNN(attn_model, embedding, hidden_size, voc.num_words, decoder_n_layers, dropout)    
if loadFilename:    
# Use appropriate device    
encoder = encoder.to(device)    
decoder = decoder.to(device)    
print('Models built and ready to go!')    

Giving the error:
NameError: name 'device' is not defined

What is going on here?

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    well... there is not much more to say except what already been told to you: the name device is never defined... – Tomerikoo Nov 19 at 22:53

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