I have a div in HTML with some text written in it.
The div is created by setting its X, Y coordinates and height and width.
I want to draw a triangle Superimposing that div so that my content is not lost.
I cannot change the X,Y coordinates as my other div's positioning is based on this div.
Generating a Triangle using multiple div's approach also does not seem feasible as I am not sure in which div I will write my text then......

Can somebody suggest an idea on how I can do this..?

  • With a background image? With SVG? With an AJAX-style JavaScript library? With a magic marker? It's hard to say what the best answer would be without more information about what you are trying to accomplish.
    – MarkusQ
    Feb 26, 2009 at 7:30

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You can do this with an image, but a more interesting way is to mess around with the borders of a div to make a triangle.

.triangle {
     font-size: 0px; 
     line-height: 0%; 
     width: 0px;
     border-bottom: 20px solid #000;
     border-left: 10px solid #000;
     border-right: 10px solid #000;

How this is works explained much more clearly here


Use this code for developing triangle:


.triangle {
    border-bottom:120px solid red; 
    border-left:60px solid white; 
    border-right:60px solid white;


<div class="triangle"></div>

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