everyone, I downloaded the template with the following features

  • Abp
  • Asp.Net MVC 5.x
  • Web application with server rendered HTML; ASP.NET MVC & jQuery
  • Entity Framework

VS2017 Community as Development Environment

The problem lies in the Entity Framework or the version of Nuget Running the Update-Database command from the Nuget console always returns the same error

Update-Database not recognized cmdlet

My Nuget Version is

I tried both to clear nuget cache, restore solution packages, restart vs2017 and computer (Windows 7 Enterprise 64) without success

There is some issue on download packages?


There is some issue on download packages?

I think this issue stands that the EF package is not installed successfully in your current project.

1.Please check if you have yellow warnings in Solution Explorer like this issue. If there's any warning, resolve it or share it here and I'll check it for you.

2.I know you've cleaned the nuget cache, but see this, there's one copy of the EF package locates in your Solution folder's packages folder when you're in project that uses Packages.config format. So though you've cleaned the nuget cache in %userprofile%\.nuget\packages, your project is still using the old copy in solutionDirectory\packages folder.

Suggestion(The order is important, please follow the steps one by one):

#1 For this, you should right-click your project=>Manage Nuget Packages(UI)=>Uninstall the EntityFramework package.(Or manually delete the EF package folder within SolutionDir\packages folder)

#2 Then clean the nuget cache by Tools=>Nuget Package Manager=>Package Manager Settings=>Clear All Nuget Cache.

#3 Close Package Manager Console if it's open. => Close VS instance.

#4 Then restart VS and reinstall that EF package by package manager UI. And manually open the Package Manager Console and type Update-Database to check if this issue goes away.

Hope it helps:)

  • Hi Lance LI-MSFT , now works properly. I have executed your suggested steps :)) – Saro Nov 21 at 9:14
  • Glad to know this issue is resolved :) – Lance Li-MSFT Nov 21 at 9:59

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