It's likely something I'm not doing correctly but I can't get the openapi-generator-maven-plugin in Jhipster 6.5.0 to generate code from a yml file I've created using the Swagger Editor. Can someone please refer me to a github project that has either a custom yml or the swagger/api.yml filled out and working with the openapi-generator-maven-plugin?

I'm running IntelliJ 2019 and Java 11. I'm also following the openapi 3.0.1 spec.

I got the following error:

'inputspec' for goal org.openapitools:openapi-generator-maven-plugin:4.2.0: generate are missing or invalid.

My yml file exists per the inputspec path and it's unlikely that's the yml is invalid since it was created using the Swagger Editor. I could be wrong here...just assumptions.

Thanks in advance!

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    I figured out my issue. You cannot generate the client stubs from the Maven console's openapi-generator > openapi-generate:generate plugin itself. You generate the client stubs by running Lifescycle > compile. – spasco Nov 21 at 16:35

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