I want to be able to click on a button and delete everything from a table, this is what I have now. I'm using the laravel/activitylog and thats what I'm trying to delete, I access the Model with Spatie\Activitylog\Models\Activity, but it's not a local model. I'm trying to delete everything from the table that has been created from this package.

the delete function on my vue.js, the baseUrl: 'logs'

    this.$confirm('¿Desea borrar todos los registros del logs?', 'Advertencia', {
        confirmButtonText: 'Si',
        cancelButtonText: 'Cancelar',
        cancelButtonClass: 'el-button--info',
        confirmButtonClass: 'el-button--warning',
        type: 'warning'
    }).then(() => {
        this.$inertia.delete(this.baseUrl + '/delete')
                () => {
                        type: 'success',
                        message: 'Eliminado correctamente.'
                    this.tableData = this.tableData.filter((item) => {
                        return item.id !== row.id
                (res) => {

The route

Route::delete('logs/delete', 'ActivityLogController@delete');

The delete on the controller

public function delete()
    Activity::where('log_name', 'like', '%%')->delete();

    return back();

What happens is I click it a small window with a 404 opens up inside the main window and it shows the success message but nothing gets deleted.

What am I doing wrong?

  • If you want to delete everything, don't use a where() clause, just call Model::delete() – Tim Lewis Nov 20 at 16:28
  • @TimLewis the same thing happens, it doesn't delete and the 404 windows still shows up. I added more info to the question. – Nancy Nov 20 at 16:30
  • 1
    Hmm, can't speak to the vue.js part of this question (don't know vue at all), but check your browser's network tab to see where the request is going, headers, etc., and check Laravel's logs (storage/logs/) for any errors, etc. My comment was more an observation on approach. – Tim Lewis Nov 20 at 16:33
  • You probably posting to the wrong endpoint. 404 means not found. Probably Laravel can't resolve your url to an existing route. Try using network tab in your inspector. – tprj29 Nov 20 at 16:35
  • @tprj29 this is what the network tab says Request URL: page.com/logs/delete Request Method: DELETE Status Code: 404 Not Found – Nancy Nov 20 at 16:41

Try this in your controller:

public function delete()
    try {
    } catch(\Exception $ex) {
        Log::error("[ActivityDelete] An error occurred: " . $ex->getMessage());
        return response()->json($ex->getMessage(), $ex->getStatusCode());

    return response()->json(['message' => 'Success'], 200);

I believe the 404 is from using back(), which is not a valid response for axios. And on top of that it is not deleting anyways, so there may be a problem with the way you are trying to delete as well.

If this fails - check your storage logs and report here please.

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    Good thoughts, just be careful with truncate; there are cases where you'd want to use it, but it doesn't respect some things like softDeletes(). I doubt that's an issue here, but just something to be aware of. – Tim Lewis Nov 20 at 17:15
  • I'm using Inerita-vue and am using return back() everywhere in my project. I just replaced your return with return back and it worked perfect! Thanks. – Nancy Nov 20 at 17:20

You can change your query. For example:

Activity::where('id', '>', 0)->delete();
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    This is irrelevant. The approach to deleting the records is not the issue here. – Tim Lewis Nov 20 at 16:50

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