I'm using a library, say I want the script that starts my app to be cli-lib start how can i go about that? I don't want to just run node app.js or any js file for that matter, the cli lib does that for me but i cant figure out a way to get this to work.

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Yes you can run any process type with pm2. For scripts in other languages which has assigned an interpreter by default,

pm2 start echo.coffee
pm2 start echo.php
pm2 start echo.py
pm2 start echo.sh
pm2 start echo.rb

or with interpreter

pm2 start echo.pl --interpreter=perl

read more from docs


I think you can create a bash script then run it with pm2, for examples:


node /home/user/test.js

then you can run file "bash.sh" with pm2

pm2 start bash.sh

I did not test it yet but you can try.

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