I have a variable which contains the following: $var = "/var/run/hello.pid"

in order to replace that i need to change those / into / (backwards and forward slashes) I was trying to use the perl tr option like this:

$var =~ tr/\//\\\//;

but for unknown reason it takes only the first \ ending up with $var = \var\run\hello.pid

the outcome i'm expecting is: $var = \/var\/run\/hello.pid

any idea how i can achieve that with perl? the $var variable can be generated randomly with those / (which means its not static variable)

Thanks in advanced


tr translates character for character. Use

$var =~ s/\//\\\//g;

Note that Perl allows you to change the delimiter for readability.

$var =~ s{/}{\\/}g;
  • Thank you so much! worked like a charm! i've been searching forever! – Tal Nov 21 '19 at 6:05
  • There's also $var = quotemeta($var);. That would escape all non-word characters. (So / and . in your example.) – ikegami Nov 21 '19 at 6:20

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