In my testng, i have multiple test suites. For an e.g.

<suite name="Suite">
      <suite-file path="ASynchronousTestfile1.xml"/>
      <suite-file path="SynchronousTestfile2.xml"/>
      <suite-file path="SynchronousTestfile3.xml"/>

Now, to run suites on separate testng threads. I am using surefire plugin config to run it on separate threads. Something like this :


Now since my ASynchronousTestFile1.xml has non-dependent test cases, i want this test suite to run on multiple threads. So i provided test level parallelism on the suite itself by :

<test name="All Asynchronous Tests" parallel="methods" thread-count="7">

So my perception was there will be total 9 threads, where 2 will be defined to 2 synchronous suites and 7 thread for the Asynchronous test suite.

Where i am missing or what is the correct way of achieving such case ?

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