I'm trying to iterate on a String value to change each occurence of it. For example i want that "1" become "one", "2" become "two", etc.

I've done this :

  override def toString = {  
    val mapXX = init.map(_.clone);  
    var returnVALUE = mapXX.map(_.mkString).mkString("\n")

    for(c <- returnVALUE){
        c match {
          case 1 => "one";
          case 2 => "two";
          case _ => "";

It didn't change anything of my list, i have the same display of my list. Nothing has changed.

Did someone knows how can we iterate on each character of a String value in order to replace each character by something else ?



It's not completely clear what you're doing. Try

returnVALUE.map {
  case '1' => "one"
  case '2' => "two"
  case '3' => "three"
  // ...
  case _   => " "

and this should be the last line of toString.

String#map accepts a function from Char to something (e.g. to String).

If returnVALUE is "1 2 3" then this produces "one two three".

When the last line is returnVALUE this means you return the original value of returnVALUE, not the modified value.

  • Thank you, that's it, i didn't know that we can use mkString at the end of a match, I also changed case _ => "\n" to display each line , thanks again – Tweakdev Nov 21 at 11:13

A for comprehension without the yield clause doesn't create any results. It can only be used for side effects, which good Scala programmers try to avoid.

Maybe something like this.

val numberNames = Map(0 -> "zero", 1 -> "one", 2 -> "two").withDefaultValue("too big")

val result = List(2,0,1,4).map(numberNames)
//result: List[String] = List(two, zero, one, too big)

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