I'm currently using Microsoft Network Monitor to parse thru debug event traces. It is not a bad tool, but not very good either. Do you know some better solutions?


These are readers for exploring custom ETW traces:

  • SvcPerf - End-to-End ETW trace viewer for manifest based traces
  • LINQPad + Tx (LINQ for Logs and traces) driver - Simple reader that allows you to query ETW traces
  • PerfView - multitool that allows you to do amost everything with ETW, but not particularly user-friendly
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PerfView http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=28567

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If you're after giving graphic visualization of traces for the sake of performance analysis, you may use the following:
1. Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor which is an MMC snap-in and is easy to use for basic analysis (locally, from the server)
2. xperf, which is a stand-alone tool from the Windows Performance Tools. Xperf itself is a command-line tool for captures and processing traces and Xperfview allows creating graphs and tables from the captured data. Look at this blog post for an overview.
3. Visual Studio 2010 profiler contains a "Concurrency Visualizer" which is actually a nice tool to collect and visualize ETW traces, specifically tailored around analysis of thread contention issues (but can also be used to analyze network traces, I think). See this blog post on using the tool and also you may use the underlying tools directly: VSPerfCmd and VSPerfReport.

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  • Wow this "Concurrency Visualizer" looks great. Unfortunately I'm looking for tool that will parse and present my custom traces, not this supplied by system. – Beetle May 16 '11 at 9:04

I like to use Log Parser [link] to parse through the logs for the events that I am most interested in. I love the SQL-like query structure.

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