I am building a website using Gatbsy, Contentful CMS and Netlify. It looks great and works locally but I have a problem in production regarding fluid images using the tracedSVG option. The Netlify deploy used to work on occasions and as I added more images to the project now breaks constantly with the following errors (not always in the same page):

10:53:45 AM: The GraphQL query from /opt/build/repo/src/pages/index.js failed.
10:53:45 AM: Errors:
10:53:45 AM:   VipsJpeg: Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment
10:53:45 AM:   VipsJpeg: out of order read at line 544
10:53:45 AM:   GraphQL request:54:3
10:53:45 AM:   53 | fragment GatsbyContentfulFluid_tracedSVG on ContentfulFluid {
10:53:45 AM:   54 |   tracedSVG
10:53:45 AM:      |   ^
10:53:45 AM:   55 |   aspectRatio

or sometimes

The GraphQL query from /opt/build/repo/src/pages/index.js failed.
Errors: Input file contains unsupported image format
  GraphQL request:40:3
| fragment GatsbyContentfulFluid_tracedSVG on ContentfulFluid {
|   tracedSVG
|   ^
|   aspectRatio

and on rare occasions

  VipsJpeg: Empty input file

(this last one not making sense as the images are present in Contentful and a required field of my content model)

As mentioned previously; the GraphQL query retrieving the tracedSVG images from Contentful work locally. My code is as follow:

import React from "react"
import { Link, graphql } from "gatsby"
import Img from "gatsby-image"

const IndexPage = ({ data: { allContentfulIndexPage }) => {
  const { myImage } = allContentfulIndexPage.edges[0].node

  return (
      <Img fluid={myImage.fluid}/>

export default IndexPage

export const query = graphql`
  query IndexPageQuery {
    allContentfulIndexPage {
      edges {
        node {
          myImage {
            fluid {

By using GraphiQL I found out that locally using tracedSVG instead of ...GatsbyContentfulFluid_tracedSVG also works locally but it crashes just the same in a Production/Netlify environment. I considered using png images instead of jpg as the errors suggest something wrong with the files themselves although they render fine locally but the equivalent in png size would slow down the site (a jpg image of 100kB is roughly 900kb in png).

Did anyone encounter the same issue regarding tracedSVG rendering with jpg images in production and if this is the case how did you solve to stop recurrent crashes? Thank you.

  • Pretty sure this is a unresolved bug the problems, is one is that maxHeight and maxWidth aren't used in traceSVG. The logic from fluid should be copied to traceSVG` even though technically not necessary. Try fluid(maxWidth: 500, maxHeight: 500) just to see if it builds. Also I think there is an issue with the memoization of the tracedSVG. It memoizes by file name and args, while the crop is set in fileArgs parameters. – Nick C Nov 22 at 5:03
  • Hi @NickC Thanks for your input. I tried with fluid(maxWidth: 500, maxHeight: 500) to see if it would resolve the issue and it didn't. The issue appears during the checks of the graphQL queries. I'm still fiddling with different options but haven't found what works yet. It could be an unresolved bug as you mentioned. – GBouffard Nov 22 at 22:32

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