I'm using Symfony 4.3.8 and I can't find any information about thoses deprecations :

User Deprecated: Creating Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\UnderscoreNamingStrategy without making it number aware is deprecated and will be removed in Doctrine ORM 3.0.

Creating Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\UnderscoreNamingStrategy without making it number aware is deprecated and will be removed in Doctrine ORM 3.0.

I searched in stacktrace and found this :

class UnderscoreNamingStrategy implements NamingStrategy
private const DEFAULT_PATTERN      = '/(?<=[a-z])([A-Z])/';
private const NUMBER_AWARE_PATTERN = '/(?<=[a-z0-9])([A-Z])/';

 * Underscore naming strategy construct.
 * @param int $case CASE_LOWER | CASE_UPPER
public function __construct($case = CASE_LOWER, bool $numberAware = false)
    if (! $numberAware) {
            'Creating ' . self::class . ' without making it number aware is deprecated and will be removed in Doctrine ORM 3.0.',

    $this->case    = $case;
    $this->pattern = $numberAware ? self::NUMBER_AWARE_PATTERN : self::DEFAULT_PATTERN;

In this class, the constructor is always called without params, so $numberAware is always false.

This class is called in file which has been auto generated by the Symfony Dependency Injection, so I can't "edit" it ...

I thought maybe it was in doctrine.yaml :

    auto_generate_proxy_classes: true
    naming_strategy: doctrine.orm.naming_strategy.underscore
    auto_mapping: true
            is_bundle: false
            type: annotation
            dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/Entity'
            prefix: 'App\Entity'
            alias: App

But I have not found any option to allow the number aware :(

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    Just make a fresh 4.4.0 (just released, yea) project and doctrine.yaml has "naming_strategy: doctrine.orm.naming_strategy.underscore_number_aware" in it. Try tweaking yours. – Cerad Nov 21 '19 at 13:08

In most cases I would just answer this sort of question with a comment but I suspect other developers might run into this issue. I poked around a bit and could not find any explicit documentation on this issue. Perhaps because the DoctrineBundle is under the control of the Doctrine folks and not the Symfony developers. Or maybe I am just a bad searcher.

In any event, between 4.3 and 4.4 the service name for the underscore naming strategy was changed.

# doctrine.yaml
  # 4.3
  naming_strategy: doctrine.orm.naming_strategy.underscore
  # 4.4
  naming_strategy: doctrine.orm.naming_strategy.underscore_number_aware

And a depreciation message was added to warn developers to change the name. Would have been nice if the message was just a tiny bit more explicit but oh well. So if you are upgrading an existing app to 4.4 and beyond then you will probably need to manually edit your doctrine.yaml file to make the depreciation message go away.

Some more info (thanks @janh) on why the change was made: https://github.com/doctrine/orm/blob/2.8.x/UPGRADE.md#deprecated-number-unaware-doctrineormmappingunderscorenamingstrategy https://github.com/doctrine/orm/issues/7855

Still not really clear on why "they" chose to do things this way but oh well. You probably want to run "bin/console doctrine:schema:update --dump-sql" just to see if this impacts your database column names and adjust accordingly. The changes has been out for several weeks now and there does not seem to be many howls of outrage over the change so I guess most column names don't have embedded numbers. So far at least.

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  • old strategy change (wrongly) for example $singleMd5Key to single_payu_md5key and new one (correctly) single_payu_md5_key. but coz that is BC change we have all that mess. – Tomek Kobyliński Nov 26 '19 at 16:39
  • @TomekKobyliński Have you been able to find any documentation on this besides the code itself? Still struggling to understand why the naming convention would change (and thus possibly force a database schema change) when Doctrine 3 arrives. Just seems like both approaches would be supported. – Cerad Nov 26 '19 at 19:18
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    So instead of forcing a database schema change you have to manually update your entity mappings? Not sure which is worse and it doesn't really address the question of why change at all. No problem with providing a more "correct" strategy but I still don't understand why the original strategy is "wrong" in any relevant sense. – Cerad Nov 27 '19 at 12:56
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    Came here after diving into this deprecation (found by running phpunit) as well. Would be good to link to the recipe yaml in the answer, as that confirms the proposed fix: github.com/symfony/recipes/blob/master/doctrine/doctrine-bundle/… – Rvanlaak Dec 4 '19 at 9:07
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    @Cerad There's something in doctrine's upgrade info: github.com/doctrine/orm/blob/2.8.x/… I think github.com/doctrine/orm/issues/7855 is the relevant issue. – janh Dec 5 '19 at 8:44

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