Note: I'm doing this all from the REPL using This is Rakudo Star version 2019.03.1 built on MoarVM version 2019.03 implementing Perl 6.d.

From euler project #22 there is a names.txt file similar to "JERE","HAI","ELDEN","DORSEY","DARELL","BRODERICK","ALONSO", ...

When I read that in, split and sort it I get the list of names as I'd expect.

for '../names.txt'.IO.slurp.split(',').sort -> $name {
    say $name;

That prints out


Now if I add comb()

for '../names.txt'.IO.slurp.split(',').sort -> $name {
    say $name.comb;

I'm getting

(" Z O N I A ")
(" Z O R A ")
(" Z O R A I D A ")
(" Z U L A ")
(" Z U L E M A ")
(" Z U L M A ")

However, if I just run from the repl;

> "ZULMA".comb

I get

(Z U L M A) # Note the lack of quotes

Why is comb behaving differently in these two scenarios?


It's not behaving differently. In one case the quotes are a syntax element - part of the code - and in the other case data read verbatim from the file:


The data is different. not the behaviour.

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    Seems so obvious all of the sudden. Thanks. – jmcneirney Nov 21 at 14:34

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