I have a table namely objects and it has some test data.

id    name      type      brand      model      remark

1     abc       laptop    dell       2019       text
2     def       laptop    dell       2019       text
3     efg       laptop    dell       2018       text
4     xyz       laptop    asus       2019       text

I have an array like below because I want all laptops where brand = dell AND model = 2019:

$search_arr = array(["brand" => "dell"], ["model" => "2019"]);

In my query,

    ["type", "laptop"],

But, I get all rows (id => 1, 2, 3). How can I do that?

I have another functionality that searches separately either brand or model.

For that, I prepare the array:
$search_arr = [["brand" => "dell"]];
$search_arr = [["model" => "2019"]];

It works!!!

edited I've spent on this all day long. Finally, I've reached on here.

As possible as I can, I don't want to change the array syntax style. I want to change only the query syntax if I have to.

  • Wait sorry but did you fix your problem? If so provide the solution as a awnser so other people who run into the same problem can find a solution. – Collin Nov 21 '19 at 15:28

You could add your type to your search

$search_arr = [
  "brand" => "dell",
  "model" => "2019",
  "type" => 'laptop'

or you could say

Objects::where('brand', '=', 'dell')
  ->where('model', '=', '2019')
  ->where('type', '=', 'laptop')

and that would be it 😉

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  • Your first approach makes me happy. It works! Thanks. – Jonathan Nov 21 '19 at 15:47

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