In some of my python packages, I specify additional packages required for development. I do this using the extras_requires functionality located in the setup.py file. Technically, these files are not required for an install, but they are required specifically for during development.

My problem is, that when I use the setup.py file and specify the "develop" flag, $ python setup.py develop, there's no way that I currently know to add additional packages to be installed by with pip in the "develop" versus a normal install mode.

So my question is, is there a way to denote additional packages that need to be installed when the command $ python setup develop is run, instead of the normal $ python setup install.

I'm specifically looking at the use case of a python Pelican blog, where I use a module called ghp-import to push to Github pages, which can be seen here.

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One way I know of is to use pip, for example:

$ pip install --editable .[dev]

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