I have updated to latest Jhipster 6.5.0. I have seen that the export option is not working Below is the error message that I get. Even with -d (debug) option, nothing much is getting printed

C:\ap\ap>jhipster -d export-jdl C:\ap\export-ap.jdl
INFO! Using JHipster version installed locally in current project's node_modules
INFO! Debug logging is on
DEBUG!  cmd: export-jdl
DEBUG!  args: C:\ap\export-ap.jdl, commands: Object, options: Object, _execs: Object, _allowUnknownOption: true, _args: Object, _name: export-jdl, _noHelp: false, parent: Object, _description: Create a JDL file from the existing entities, _argsDescription: undefined, _events: Object, _eventsCount: 1
DEBUG!  opts: argument: Object, desc: Create a JDL file from the existing entities
DEBUG!  Arguments found
DEBUG!  cmdArgs: C:\ap\export-ap.jdl
INFO! Executing jhipster:export-jdl C:\ap\export-ap.jdl
INFO! Options: d: export-jdl, from-cli: true
ERROR! TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of undefined
  • What does print node --version ? Are you using an LTS version of node as recommended in JHipster doc? – Gaël Marziou Nov 22 at 13:46
  • it is fixed in generator-jhipster 6.5.1, or you can upgrade to JHipster core 6.0.4 in your package.json – Pascal Grimaud Nov 24 at 7:18

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