I am getting a value from database with using Eval("price"), i am checking if price is empty or null but i would like to check if price is equal to the zero or bigger than zero condition at the same time.

I am checking IsNullOrEmpty with this code:

<%# String.IsNullOrEmpty(Eval("price").ToString()) ? "Not Available" : Eval("price").ToString() %>

I would like to check if(price = 0) say free or else if(price > 0) than show price condition at the same time and show message.

<%# Eval("price").ToString() == "0" ? "FREE" : Eval("price").ToString() %> // Not working

Is it possible to check isnullorempty and price in same inline code?


You're only checking is null or empty, it doesn't check if price is 0. Try something like

<%# String.IsNullOrEmpty(Eval("price").ToString()) ? "Not Available" : Eval("price").ToString() == "0" ? "FREE" : Eval("price").ToString() %>
  • Thanks, it helped Zakk. – Hallowen Nov 22 at 17:08

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