How can I send the federated authenticator as a claim to my service provider ?

The SP wants to know which one has been used to authenticate the subject. Is there a local IS claim to send back to the SP ?

I already know about Always send back the authenticated list of identity providers but I need a claim to send.

Thanks in advance.


You can write a custom claim handler that handles the claim mapping and deploy it into IS server. You can follow this document and create a custom claim handler https://docs.wso2.com/display/IS580/Writing+a+Custom+Claim+Handler. You can get the federatedIdpName from the AuthneticatedUser object [1].

A sample code is given below.

public Map<String, String> handleClaimMappings(StepConfig stepConfig,
                                               AuthenticationContext context, Map<String, String> remoteAttributes,
                                               boolean isFederatedClaims) throws FrameworkException {

    String authenticatedUser = null;

    if (stepConfig != null) {
        //calling from StepBasedSequenceHandler
        authenticatedUser = stepConfig.getAuthenticatedUser();
    } else {
        //calling from RequestPathBasedSequenceHandler
        authenticatedUser = context.getSequenceConfig().getAuthenticatedUser();

    Map<String, String> claims = handleExternalClaims(authenticatedUser);
    return claims;

private Map<String, String> handleExternalClaims(AuthenticatedUser authenticatedUser) throws FrameworkException {

    Map<String, String> externalClaims = new HashMap<String, String>();
    externalClaims.put("http://test.org/claims/idpName", authenticatedUser.getFederatedIdPName());
    return externalClaims;


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