I need to create restful service from the secured SOAP endpoint. Can someone provide the reference link or explain how to import/add secured backend .jks file in WSO2 API Manager to connect SOAP based endpoint.

WSO2 APIM Version : 2.6.0


Also let me know how to send signed message to the back end using WSO2 API Manager.

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    why do you want to import a JKS? – Bee Nov 23 at 14:07
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    Back end is enabled with security. In order to access back end I need to import/install .jks in wso2- (SOAP UI also need to add .jks to get the response from service) – JBasu Nov 24 at 7:16
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    So you mean the backend is MTLS enabled? – Bee Nov 24 at 17:27
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    Yes, security is applied on backend side, Using backend .JKS I need to achieve this in WSO2 API Manager – JBasu Nov 24 at 18:21
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    Use this doc. docs.wso2.com/display/AM260/… – Bee Nov 24 at 18:36

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