There is a wide task. There is an update panel upDetails, which displays details table (initialy visible = false) when user selects any item from master table, we should set upDetails.Visible = true;

But it soesn't work whatever place/event I had placed it - neither BL methods, neither pre-render. It still be invisible

But when I do not make it initialy invisible, all works fine

What do I do wrong?

Thanks in advance


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Are you talking about the ASP.NET Ajax UpdatePanel Control? Try to put a "real" Panel Control (asp:Panel) inside the UpdatePanel and set the visibilty false/true on that control and leave the UpdatePanel visible.

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    I've been pondering of that approach if nothing else would help, but I wonder why such happens and is it possible to avoid adding redundant panel ?
    – igor
    Feb 26, 2009 at 11:45

If updatepanel visibility is set to false, it's not rendered on the ouput. Not being rendered, it doesn't exist client side where it then cannot be used (not event by ajax).

Using a placeholder is the solution to your problem.


I searched long and far, experimented, and could not get this to work, unfortunately. My final decision was to wrap the content I wanted to show/hide within Placeholder controls. They give you the flexibility of toggling visibility without adding markup.

  • for post on Feb 4 at 6:41 - could you provide an example of your use of placeholder controls?
    – user512406
    Feb 18, 2011 at 18:41
  • You simply nest a placeholder (asp:placeholder) inside of the update panel, around all of its contents. Then instead of setting Visible on UpdatePanel, you set it on the PlaceHolder.
    – ctorx
    Feb 22, 2011 at 4:53

You should check to make sure that whatever control contains you panel is visible. If it is not, setting the visible property on the updatepanel control will do nothing so you will need to make sure the container control is visible FIRST.

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