I am trying to run a script to search for the keyword "mdh" and to show mdh.se as a result. I installed robot framework and selenium library and this is my script which I wrote in sublime text and saved as a .robot file.

*** Settings ***
Library Selenium2Library
Suite Setup Go to homepage
Suite Teardown Close All Browsers

*** Variables ***
${HOMEPAGE} http://www.google.com
${BROWSER} chrome

*** Test Cases ***
Google mdh and find mdh
Google and check results mdh www.mdh.se

*** Keywords ***
Google and check results
[Arguments] ${searchkey} ${result}
Input Text class_name=gLFyf gsfi ${searchkey}
Click Button class_name=Tg7LZd
Wait Until Page Contains ${result}
Go to homepage
Open Browser ${HOMEPAGE} ${BROWSER}

When I try to run the script with robot mdh.robot it says there are 5 errors.

C:\Users\malvi\Desktop>robot mdh.robot

[ ERROR ] Error in file 'C:\Users\malvi\Desktop\mdh.robot': Non-existing setting 'Library 

[ ERROR ] Error in file 'C:\Users\malvi\Desktop\mdh.robot': Non-existing setting 'Suite Setup Go to 

[ ERROR ] Error in file 'C:\Users\malvi\Desktop\mdh.robot': Non-existing setting 'Suite Teardown 
Close All Browsers'.

[ ERROR ] Error in file 'C:\Users\malvi\Desktop\mdh.robot': Setting variable '${HOMEPAGE} 
http://www.google.com' failed: Invalid variable name '${HOMEPAGE} http://www.google.com'.

[ ERROR ] Error in file 'C:\Users\malvi\Desktop\mdh.robot': Setting variable '${BROWSER} chrome' 
failed: Invalid variable name '${BROWSER} chrome'.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Read the error message closely, and take it literally. It is saying there is no setting named Suite Setup Go to homepage, which is a true statement. There is a setting named Suite Setup, however.

You need at least two spaces between a setting name and the setting value.

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    Thank you I finally figured it out. Now i have another problem where I need to search for something but the search field does not have a name or id. Do you know how I can do that with Xpath? I copied the xpath but I do not know how to write it in the above example
    – ml33
    Nov 23, 2019 at 20:18
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    @MalvinaLatifaj: Please mark the answer as an accepted answer if it resolved your question. Please read the documentation: When someone answers
    – asprtrmp
    Nov 25, 2019 at 11:53

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