I have a Jhipster application which I want to deploy to Kubernetes. I used the jhipster kubernetes command to create all the k8s objects and I provided an Docker Hub repository in which to push them. The Docker Hub repository is a private one.

The deployment object looks like:

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
    name: demodevices
    namespace: demo
    replicas: 1
            app: demodevices
            version: 'v1'
                app: demodevices
                version: 'v1'
                - name: init-ds
                  image: busybox:latest
                      - '/bin/sh'
                      - '-c'
                      - |
                          while true
                            rt=$(nc -z -w 1 demodevices-postgresql 5432)
                            if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
                              echo "DB is UP"
                            echo "DB is not yet reachable;sleep for 10s before retry"
                            sleep 10
                - name: demodevices-app
                  image: myRepo/demo:demodevices-1.0.0
                  env: ...
                  resources: ...
                  ports: ...
                  readinessProbe: ...
                  livenessProbe: ...
            - name: regcred

Because I used a private Docker Hub repo, I added the imagePullSecret. The secret is created and deployed to k8s.

When applying the file, in the pods I see the following messages:

 Warning  Failed     <invalid> (x4 over <invalid>)  kubelet, k8node1   Failed to pull image "busybox:latest": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: Get https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/library/busybox/manifests/latest: unauthorized: incorrect username or password
 Warning  Failed     <invalid> (x4 over <invalid>)  kubelet, k8node1   Error: ErrImagePull
 Normal   BackOff    <invalid> (x6 over <invalid>)  kubelet, k8node1   Back-off pulling image "busybox:latest"
 Warning  Failed     <invalid> (x6 over <invalid>)  kubelet, k8node1   Error: ImagePullBackOff

As I understood, it tries do pull the busybox:latest image using the credentials for the private repository. The expected result is to pull the busybox:latest without errors and pull my custom image from my private repo. How to fix the above issue?


This error is not connected to the fact you are using imagePullSecret.

Review the process you used to create your secret, here is an example:

kubectl create secret docker-registry anyname \
--docker-server=docker.io \
--docker-username=<username> \
--docker-password=<password> \

I have reproduced your case and I have the same error when I create the secret with wrong information.


Have you added the Private Repo into the Docker In-Secure Registry. Also have you tried logging in into your private repo using docker login? When you do so it creates an entry into login creds.
Try doing a manual pull using docker login and docker pull/run. If this works it must work with K8s too.

  • I don't know what is the Docker In-Secure Registry. I can manually pull and run the image after docker login, so no issue on this side. One thing thou: when creating the secret, I need to provide some parameters. The one I'm unsure is --docker-server because I don't know the format of docker hub for this param. Now I have set repository – florin Nov 25 at 11:39
  • 1
    Here is an example on how to create the secret: kubectl create secret docker-registry anyname --docker-server=docker.io --docker-username=<username> --docker-password=<password> --docker-email=<email> – mWatney Nov 25 at 11:46
  • Do you run things behind a corporate proxy ? – Srini M Nov 25 at 11:48
  • @SriniM no, I don't have any proxy. – florin Nov 25 at 11:55
  • Please have a look at this. stackoverflow.com/questions/55773755/… – Srini M Nov 25 at 12:04

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