I am trying to get all records from the table where the time is between 09:30:00 and 15:30:00

I have the timestamp column as:

yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS

The below returns an empty dataframe:

sta = 'SELECT * FROM bnffut WHERE timestamp BETWEEN "09:15:00" and "15:30:00"'

df = pd.read_sql(sta,conn)

This one gives me a all records:

sta = 'SELECT * FROM bnffut WHERE timestamp >= "09:15:00"'
df = pd.read_sql(sta,conn)

Your timestamp column contains both date and time and you can't compare it to time only.
Use SUBSTR() to extract only the time from timestamp:

sta = 'SELECT * FROM bnffut WHERE SUBSTR(timestamp, 12) BETWEEN "09:15:00" and "15:30:00"'

Another way to extract the time part is with the use of the function TIME():

sta = 'SELECT * FROM bnffut WHERE TIME(timestamp) BETWEEN "09:15:00" and "15:30:00"'

For post filtering using pandas, you can use the DataFrame.between_time method. This requires DatatimeIndex so, first set_index to your timestamp column:

df.set_index('timestamp').between_time("09:15:00", "15:30:00")
  • Thanks! But I am looking to straight away select less data. :)
    – Sid
    Nov 25 '19 at 13:26

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