I would like to create a Teams tab for a clientside rendered application. I know that I can generate a basic app using a generator


This generator will create a React app and I have to deal with many deployment stuff. I would like to create a Vue app and add it as an external application via URL. The problem is that this generated React app ships with many Teams related packages to provide a nice Teams integration


e.g. fetching the current Teams session etc. I also know that Microsoft provides an API to fetch Office related data (Users, Groups, ...)


So when I create a basic Vue app (or any other client side app) are there any packages I can use to integrate with Teams while having an external tabs app and no native Teams tab application?

I don't want to use the native Teams styles so it seems the only advantage in using native tab applications would be fetching the current Teams session. But I am not sure, this is totally new to me. So I'm hoping the generated React Teams app ships with some packages I can use in my Vue app too and add it via external URL to teams.. ?

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Yes you can do this using the Teams client SDK that you can integrate into any client side application without depending on any specific framework.


In addition to that you may want to use the MSFT Graph to call into teams specific APIs

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