Im having some unexpected problems with a ajax call within the aspnetboilerplate system.

I want to return an array to populate a select list,

The ajax call fires correctly and hits the controller. The controller returns the results as a model successfully, except it continually hits an error.

here is my controller action:

public async Task<List<DialectDto>> GetAllDialects(int Id)
    var language = await _languageAppService.GetLanguage(Id);

    return language.Dialects;

Here is my ajax call var languageId = $(this).val();


            url: abp.appPath + 'Language/GetAllDialects?Id=' + languageId,
            type: 'POST',
            contentType: 'application/json',
            success: function (content) {

            error: function (e) {

Inspecting the return object in javascript clearly shows a 200 result with all the data in the responsetext property.

Other posts suggest that the content type isnt specified correctly and this is likely the a json parse error. Ive tried setting the dataType property to both 'json' and 'text' but still get the same response

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