I'm building a 3d game on Win 10 (OpenGL, C++, custom engine) and I'm using SAPI/TTS to "read" menus/texts in the game (to help players with visual impairment). Unfortunately there is no way to get the Narrator to work with the game, it doesn't use "labels" or anything remotely similar that can be read by it.

So, I'm using SAPI. And I'm trying to 'mimic' the Narrator voice, since Windows Narrator use the same voice SAPI uses to speak, by using the same voice with the same settings (pitch and rate). I can read the Narrator configuration from the registry just fine (the ones you set on control panel), but I stumbled on a problem:

On the control panel, both pitch and rate varies from 0 to 20. On SAPI you can set them from -10 to +10. So, just take the value on control panel and subtract 10, right?

Nope. It sounds much, much "faster" on SAPI if I just do that.

The best I could find was subtracting "7" (instead of 10) from the value I read from control panel.

Here's the code I'm using to read the Narrator settings, from the registry:

int getDefaultRate() {
    HKEY hKey;
   DWORD dwBufferSize(sizeof(DWORD));
   DWORD nResult(0);
   LONG lRes = RegOpenKeyExW(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, L"Software\\Microsoft\\Narrator", 0, KEY_READ, &hKey);
    if (lRes == ERROR_SUCCESS) {
        if (::RegQueryValueExW(hKey, L"SpeechSpeed",    0,  NULL,
            &dwBufferSize) == ERROR_SUCCESS) {
            return nResult;
      } else {
        return ERROR_INVALID;
    } else {
        return ERROR_INVALID;

To read the Pitch I do the same, just reading the SpeechRate key instead. Values are returned correctly. To speak it, I'm just formatting the text as XML with 'pitch absmiddle' and 'rate absspeed' and using

pVoice->Speak(text, SVSFPurgeBeforeSpeak | SVSFlagsAsync | SVSFNLPSpeakPunc, NULL);

Am I doing something wrong? It makes sense to just offset 10 from the Narrator config in the registry - but only offseting 7 that I get a result sounding close enough.

Can anyone even explain why this difference, since both Narrator and SAPI uses the same voice?

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