I am trying to increase page loading speed in Shopify. I tested with gtmetrix. Added many apps but page loading speed didn't improved. Tried defer and async in But nothing happened. Is there any other way to increase Page Speed Score and Y Slow Score?

  • Follow the suggestions made by GTMetrix. It should improve your page score. – Subhrajyoti Das Nov 26 '19 at 7:06
  • Agree with the above comment, the whole point of GTMetrix etc. is to tell you what you need to do to improve your page speed. For us to be able to help you we need more specific examples of things you have tried. I am going to vote to close your question, try and follow the guidance of GTMetrix and as you get stuck post specific exmaples we can help you with. – Graham Ritchie Nov 26 '19 at 8:08

This is a right old can o' worms and is not unique to Shopify, but I would suggest looking at three broad areas:

  1. Most ecommerce stores are extremely image heavy. (You can't sell product without pictures of it, right?!) Optimize those as much as possible, use bleeding edge front-end code, and consider using a 3rd-party CDN to serve specific-sized renders based on browser features (e.g. wewbp) and bandwidth limitations.
  2. Store owners tend to be heavily invested in software that monitor impressions and conversions via 3rd-party javascript — think analytics generally, advertising ROI, affiliate commissions. Audit your tracking pixels and consider using a tag manager or acceleration platform.
  3. Investigate possible automated improvements to your development workflow. Can you improve Time To Interactive and SpeedIndex using optimizations to your critical path: inlined critical css, icon generation, bundled javascript etc etc.

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