I have written a function to upload a file to a folder and saving the path information into database in the PhalconPHP framework.

But when I try to access the uploaded file using the generated path, it gives a 404 error.

My route is:

$ApiCollection->post('/uploadFile', 'uploadFile');

My controller:

 public function uploadFile(){
        $userEmail = $_POST['user_email'];
        $result = $this->model->getFileUpload($userEmail);
        return $result;

My model:

public function getFileUpload($userEmail){
            // verify user exists or not
            $user = $this->getUserByEmail($userEmail);
            if(isset($user) && !empty($user)){
                $userId = $user['id'];

                 if ($this->request->hasFiles(true) == true){
             // Print the real file names and sizes
                foreach ($this->request->getUploadedFiles() as $file) {
                    // Print file details
                   $file->getName()." ".$file->getSize()." ".$file->getExtension(). "\n";
                   //create new file name
                   $newFileName = md5($userEmail)."_".date('Y').".".$file->getExtension();

                    // Move the file into the application
                    $res = $file->moveTo('public/media/' . $newFileName);
                    if($res == true){
                        $file_url = "http://api.example.com/publc/media". $newFileName;

                        // echo $file_url;exit;
                        //update url to user table
                         $updateRes = $this->app->update('user_registration', 
                        array('profile_image_url'), array($file_url),
                        return $updateRes;

                }//end of foreach
                      return "Do not have file in your request";
            return "User is not selected, please enter user email";

  • what is the URL that doesnt work? do you have correct slash at the end of "media"? and isnt there a typo in word "publc"? – Radek Jan 21 at 8:00

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