why isn't this regex working:

   find ./ -regex '.*[mh]$' | sort | grep --exclude="UnitTests" *

The following works:

   find ./ -regex '.*[mh]$' | sort
   find ./ -regex '.*[mh]$' | sort | grep "UnitTests"     

When I'm adding the "--exclude" (as I want everything but lines with UnitTests in them) I seem to come to grief.

I'm on Mac OSX



find ./ -regex '.*[mh]$' | sort | grep -v "UnitTests"

instead. --exclude is used when recursing subdirectories, but your grep is done based on the pipe (the output) from find ./ -regex '.*[mh]$' | sort.

  • thanks - ok got it – Greg May 6 '11 at 0:46

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