I want to know if web development can be done using Raku or Perl6?

Like Django for Python, do we have any framework available for Raku?

Id appreciate if you told us which are the libraries available or any tutorial.

Are there any webhosting providers to host Raku web application?


Many folks are using Cro for this. It's a set of libraries that you can pick as needed (and not just for web development), but offers things like:

There's a simple tutorial as well as a much longer one on making a SPA. There is also a fresh CRUD server-side tutorial available.

Finally, there's integrated support in the Comma IDE, which includes a Cro project template where you can select the bits you need, indexing of and navigation to routes, and a timeline view that can be used to understand where time is spent during request processing.

There are base images available to support Docker deployment also, to anywhere that supports that.

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