I have created a monolith app using jhipster. I ran ./gradlew -Pprod bootJar jibDockerBuild --offline which created the onlinestore docker image on my local.

Now there are couple of things that I am not able to get my head around: 1. where do I put the configuration so that the created docker image can be pushed to my own docker hub. let's say I have created a docker hub registry for my app mandaltu123/onlinestore:latest.


Do following:

  1. Login to your new registry with command : docker login

  2. Tag your image to push using : docker tag myonlineStore mandaltu123/onlinestore:latest

  3. Push the image using : docker push mandaltu123/onlinestore:latest

  • Thanks ankidaemon, this should work. I wanted to know that in jhipster autogenerated code, I do not see a docker file. Is there a way to add these configurations to some config in jhipster app so that image creation can be done automatically with my passed in docker registry ? – Tuhin Subhra Mandal Nov 27 at 9:53
  • dockerfile you can extract from the image, look at this thread-> stackoverflow.com/questions/19104847/… – ankidaemon Nov 27 at 9:58
  • Jhipster uses jib to build docker images. You can build the image with Gradle/maven jhipster.tech/docker-compose/…. You can define where to push the image and how to login at the registry via -Djib.to.x parameters. – atomfrede 7 hours ago

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