I'm using keras defined as submodule in tensorflow v2. I'm training my model using fit_generator() method. I want to save my model every 10 epochs. How can I achieve this?

In Keras (not as a submodule of tf), I can give ModelCheckpoint(model_savepath,period=10). But in tf v2, they've changed this to ModelCheckpoint(model_savepath, save_freq) where save_freq can be 'epoch' in which case model is saved every epoch. If save_freq is integer, model is saved after so many samples have been processed. But I want it to be after 10 epochs. How can I achieve this?


Using tf.keras.callbacks.ModelCheckpoint use save_freq='epoch' and pass an extra argument period=10.

Although this is not documented in the official docs, that is the way to do it (notice it is documented that you can pass period, just doesn't explain what it does).

  • I get the below warning: WARNING:tensorflow:'period' argument is deprecated. Please use 'save_freq' to specify the frequency in number of samples seen. So, I guess, this feature is going out soon. In that case, how can I achieve this? – Nagabhushan S N Nov 27 '19 at 12:56
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    I believe that the only alternative is to calculate the number of examples per epoch, and pass that integer to save_freq times the number of epochs you want as interval between saves – bluesummers Nov 27 '19 at 13:56
  • @bluesummers "examples per epoch" This should be my batch size, right? – Tom Dec 20 '19 at 13:19
  • Examples per epoch is how many samples you want to pass through the network between checkpoints - this means if you have 100 samples (samples != batch, batch is a batch of samples) and you put 400, it will save every 4 epochs – bluesummers Dec 20 '19 at 14:02
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    I had the same question as asked by @NagabhushanSN. I calculated the number of samples per epoch to calculate the number of samples after which I want to save the model but it does not seem to work. Batch size=64, for the test case I am using 10 steps per epoch. If I want to save the model every 3 epochs, the number of samples is 64*10*3=1920. I use that for sav_freq but the output shows that the model is saved on epoch 1, epoch 2, epoch 9, epoch 11, epoch 14 and still running. Can't make sense of it. period option seems to work fine but with the message that it will be deprecated. – beeprogrammer Feb 1 at 0:09

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