How to convert JTextField to String and String to JTextField in Java?

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    hire an alchemist ;-) Seriously: convert is not what you want ... – kleopatra May 7 '11 at 10:04

how to convert JTextField to string and string to JTextField in java

If you mean how to get and set String from jTextField then you can use following methods:

String str = jTextField.getText() // get string from jtextfield


jTextField.setText(str)  // set string to jtextfield
new JTextField(str)     // set string to jtextfield

You should check JavaDoc for JTextField

// to string
String text = textField.getText();

// to JTextField

You can also create a new text field: new JTextField(text)

Note that this is not conversion. You have two objects, where one has a property of the type of the other one, and you just set/get it.

Reference: javadocs of JTextField


The JTextField offers a getText() and a setText() method - those are for getting and setting the content of the text field.


JTextField allows us to getText() and setText() these are used to get and set the contents of the text field, for example.

text = texfield.getText();

hope this helps

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