What I'm trying to do is get a list of all the fields in a serializer which:

  • Do not contain required=False as a parameter.
  • Do not come from the parent serializer.

For example, if I have serializers like:

class ParentSerializer(serializers.Serializer):
    parent_field = serializers.IntegerField

class ChildSerializer(ParentSerializer):
    child_field_required = serializers.IntegerField
    child_field_not_required = serializers.IntegerField(required=False) 

I'd like the resulting output to be:


I've figured out I can get an ordered list of the declared fields like:

>> OrderedDict([
       ('parent_field', IntegerField()),
       ('child_field_required', IntegerField()),
       ('child_field_not_required', IntegerField(required=False)),

But I haven't been able to move past this step.


As you're inhering from serializers.Serializer, all fields must be declared explicitly on the class body (unlike serializers.ModelSerializer which traverses to the model layer to generate fields automatically). In that case, you can do:

parent_field_names = {
    for base in type(instance).__bases__
    if hasattr(base, '_declared_fields')
    for name in base._declared_fields
desired_fields = [
    (name, field)
    for name, field in instance.get_fields().items()
    if name not in parent_field_names and
    field._kwargs.get('required', None) is not False

Assuming instance is a serializers.Serializer instance. parent_field_names refers to a set for O(1) lookups.

The above depends on a couple of implementation details:

  • The metaclass of serializers.Serializer -- serializers.SerializerMetaclass assigns the declared fields as class attribute _declared_fields dict
  • Whole constructing (__new__), the serializers.Field class preserves the initially passed keyword arguments as the _kwargs attribute on the instance to the newly created field instance



I've come up with a solution, but I feel like there is a more elegant one out there...

instance = ChildSerializer()

serializer_fields = instance.get_fields()
parent_serializer_fields = instance.__class__.__bases__[0]().get_fields()
child_fields = {k: serializer_fields[k] for k in set(serializer_fields) - set(parent_serializer_fields)}
required_fields = [k for k, v in child_fields.items() if v.required]

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