Custom cached url (image from firebase storage) does not work in Safari for me. While Chrome and Firefox get the image from cache and therefore also work in offline mode, Safari (desktop/mobile) keeps downloading the image every time and if offline, not find anything anymore obviously.

Using: Default workbox webpack plugin for Vue Quasar


  • Safari (desktop Version 13.0.3 (15608. / mobile iOS 13.1.3)
  • Default workbox webpack plugin for Vue Quasar

The following is a snippet from quasar.conf file managing the pwa and workbox options. Anyway, I don't think my issue is related to quasar or the plugin specifically but to the compatibility between workbox and safari.

  pwa: {
      workboxPluginMode: 'GenerateSW',
      workboxOptions:  {
        clientsClaim: true,
        navigateFallback: '/index.html',
        runtimeCaching: [
            urlPattern: new RegExp('media&token'),
            handler: 'StaleWhileRevalidate',
            options: {
              cacheName: 'brochures-cache',
              cacheableResponse: {
                statuses: [0, 200]
              fetchOptions: {
                mode: 'no-cors'
            urlPattern: '/',
            handler: 'NetworkFirst'

Any idea what's wrong? Or does workbox indeed have fundamental issues with Safari?

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