Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Supplied nav_menu_item value missing property: description in D:\laragon\www\woodlea\wp-includes\customize\class-wp-customize-nav-menu-item-setting.php:183

Screenshot : https://prnt.sc/q32uc8

Fatal error message

  • Please share your code, otherwise we can't help out. Nov 28, 2019 at 0:44

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I think you can fix it with this code in function.php:

add_filter('wp_get_nav_menu_items', 'my_wp_get_nav_menu_items', 10, 3);
function my_wp_get_nav_menu_items($items, $menu, $args) {
    foreach($items as $key => $item)
        $items[$key]->description = '';

    return $items;

The only way I could figure out how to fix this was to delete my menus and recreate them.

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