I am submitting a payment to the CyberSource REST API, with a Flex-tokenized credit card, using my sandbox credentials.

I am setting the buyerInformation.merchantCustomerId to MH0gMJmBJTM2go0fac7argJkjGB3 which is a 28-character string, used to identify the customer in my own system. This is the documentation on this field:

// Your identifier for the customer.
// When a subscription or customer profile is being created,
// the maximum length for this field for most processors is 30.
// Otherwise, the maximum length is 100.

There are some processor-specific details but, broadly, if you're under 30 chars it should be fine.

I get a 400 HTTP response:

Message:Declined - One or more fields in the request contains invalid data
  - Field: buyerInformation.merchantCustomerId
  - Reason: INVALID_DATA

When I look at my console, I see the transaction details. Here is some of the data:

Billing Information
  First Name: John
  Last Name: Doe
  Address: XXXXXX
  State/Province: CA
  Zip/Postal Code: XXXXX
  Country: US
  Customer ID: MH0gMJmBJTM2go0fac7argJkjGB3
  Device Fingerprint: Not Submitted

Request Information
  Client App: REST API
  Client Application Version: 1.0
  Reason Code: 102
  Reply Message: The field is invalid: purchaser_code
  Reply: Success
  Reply Code: 1
    - Credit Card Authorization
    - Credit Card Settlement
  Identity Code Type: VI

Credit Card Authorization
  Authorization Code: 888888
  Amount: 5,500.00 USD
  Transaction Reference Number: 782132027354J3E9
  Reply: Success
  Reply Message: The field is invalid: purchaser_code
  Reason Code: 102
  Requested Amount: 5,500.00 USD
  AVS: X - Match: address and 9-digit postal code match.

Why is CyberSource saying that my merchantCustomerId is invalid? What can I do to correct this?

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