I am doing POC on WSO2 API Manager for one of the project and trying to implement white listing IP for a particular API such that API should not be accessible from any other IP.

I have tried implementing the same using the WSO2 documentation (https://docs.wso2.com/display/AM200/Managing+Throttling) but couldn't do it.

Is it really possible to achieve the above scenario in WSO2 API Manager? If yes, then please guide to implement the same.

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    but couldn't do it - please elaborate - do you mean you cannot follow the documentation or other IPs are not blocked? What type of security are you using (Application/User)? (if you say no security, I believe some throttling features are not engaged) – gusto2 Nov 28 at 9:07
  • I have followed the documentation but ip white listing is not happening as expected. The configuration in advance throttling policy is given below: --> Default Limit-200 Units, Time-1 Year --> Invert Condition-On --> Execution Policy- Request Count-0, Time-1 Year – neethu Nov 29 at 6:57
  • Yes, I am using OAuth Security for application and client credential grant type is being used. – neethu Nov 29 at 7:03
  • Please share your answer on this problem as i am not able to resolve it for past 3 weeks. IS the platform provides this feature or am i doing some mistake while configuration.If anyone attained this IP Whitelisting feature in WSO2 please guide me to do the same – neethu 2 days ago

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