I have an authenticator based on ldap and I am not using any custom login page. I receive the certificate in the header. But then when I checked the user how can I return to the original website?

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  • Can we assume the SP initiates the authentication? OAuth2/SAML? Did you specify the redirect uri (for OAuth2) or ACS URL (for saml)? – gusto2 Nov 28 at 11:34
  • SAML.. how do you mean specify the redirect uri? How? – ayasha Nov 28 at 12:47
  • It is not clear what exactly you have a problem with. You could extend the question to fill your scenario and SAML SP parameters. After successful authentication the user should be posted or redirected to defined ACS (asserion consumer) URL of the SP. If that doesn't happen, something is wrongly configured – gusto2 Nov 28 at 14:03
  • I see that in other example they put a .war under webapps. I didnt do that. What is it? – ayasha Nov 29 at 9:53
  • it's a sample service provider.. apparently you have one already (based on Shibboleth). You have the AssertionConsumerURL set, so - do you have any errors in the logs? BTW: in SAML always enable response signing - response or claims must be signed (that may not solve your issue, but it is necessary for security) – gusto2 Nov 29 at 10:06

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