I want to modify the dark theme in Grafana so that it uses #000000 as the background colour.

I have seen "How to change default black color of Grafana", however those answers only tell you how to choose between the light and the dark themes.

I also see that How to Customize Your Grafana Theme recommends editing the _variables.dark.scss file, however I cannot see where this is located, as it is not in the public/sass directory as the post suggests.

Finally, I also see that _variables.dark.generated.scss tells you to Edit grafana-ui/src/themes/_variables.dark.scss.tmpl.ts to update template, however I cannot find that file either.

Could you point me in the right direction, please?

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    I am facing the same situation. Have you found a solution other than the Boom plugin? Thanks!
    – Ezeeroc
    Jun 29, 2020 at 4:50

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Boom Theme plugin worked for me with Grafana 6.7.1


grafana-cli plugins install yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel
service grafana-server restart

Go to certain Dashboard and add new Panel. Select "Boom Plugin".

Enter this under "Custom Style / CSS Override"

.panel-container {
  background-color: #000000; 
.dashboard-container {
  background-color: #000000; 
.navbar {
  background-color: #000000;

The Boom Theme plugin documentation is here: https://github.com/yesoreyeram/yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel/tree/master/docs Documentation no longer exists, see the GitHub readme file instead.

P.S. In case you are embedding Grafana's dashboard/panel, check for "allow_embedding = true" under "[security]" section in grafana.ini and use &kiosk parameter in a URL to avoid menus


I found the same sites as you and was frustrated at first. Fortunately I then found the Grafana plugin "Boom Theme Panel" (https://grafana.com/grafana/plugins/yesoreyeram-boomtheme-panel).

It allows you to define a background image or to override the background color under "Custom Style / CSS Override" with the following settings:

.main-view {
  background-color: #000000; 

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