We have a reasonably large project written in .NET Core 2.2, updated to Abp 4.10.1, that we started through Abp's template.

Recently I added Roslyn analyzers to the project, and now we have hundreds of warnings, on every instance of the L method.


case AbpLoginResultType.InvalidPassword:
    return new UserFriendlyException(L("LoginFailed"), L("InvalidUserNameOrPassword"));

Gives us:

Warning CA1304 The behavior of 'AbpServiceBase.L(string)' could vary based on the current user's locale settings. Replace this call in 'AbpLoginResultTypeHelper.CreateExceptionForFailedLoginAttempt(AbpLoginResultType, string, string)' with a call to 'AbpServiceBase.L(string, CultureInfo)'.

As I understand from the documentation, the L method is meant to simplify localization calls and already considers culture, but adding CultureInfo information to every call in order to satisfy the Roslyn analyzers would defeat its purpose.

I wouldn't like to suppress this warning at a project level, and the other options we considered seem very time consuming.

So, would there be an effective way to deal with this?

  • Doesn't the analyzer offer a fix? – Paulo Morgado Nov 28 at 22:11
  • Replace this call in 'AbpLoginResultTypeHelper.CreateExceptionForFailedLoginAttempt(AbpLoginResultType, string, string)' with a call to 'AbpServiceBase.L(string, CultureInfo)'. Undesirable. – Matheus Lacerda Dec 2 at 13:30

The documentation shows the reasons and motivations behind this rule.

It's up to you to decide it this is important to you or not.

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