The following link shows how to configure a single AM with the IS. https://docs.wso2.com/display/AM220/Configuring+WSO2+Identity+Server+as+a+Key+Manager

The parameter <ServerURL>https://${gateway-server-host}:{port}/services/</ServerURL> from IS config.xml file defines the AM URL to be associated to it.

I want to link 2 different API managers to the same Identity Server WITHOUT LOAD BALANCER because the 2 AMs will be handled by 2 separate teams.

Note: It works with load balancer but that is not my requirement.

Thanks for your time :)


That config is only used to remove gateway cache when user roles etc. updated on IS side. So configuring this to point only a single APIM will have a very minimal effect.

Edit: This might work. Add a new environment for the 2nd APIM node.

    <Environment type="production" api-console="true">
        <Name>Production Gateway</Name>
        <Description>Production Gateway Environment</Description>
    <Environment type="hybrid" api-console="true">
        <Name>Production and Sandbox</Name>
        <Description>Hybrid Gateway Environment</Description>

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