I have a WSO2 Stream Processor code running where i have 6 different Kafka topics as @source and respectively 6 Mysql Database connection.
I am able to receive data in 5 topics but one, but the same topic is working if i run the code individually. Example,

Topic List: Topic1,Topic2,Topic3,Topic4,Topic5,Topic6
Topic 2-6 can get data.

But if i execute Topic 1 as a standalone program in WSO2, its able to get data but not when executed with all other topics as one program.

I am not able to figure out any probable cause for this, any inputs and ideas on how to resolve this?


I got the issue, it was because My local system wasn't able to handle streaming data load and it was getting out of memory though no error was displayed. If i reduce the data volume it's working fine.

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