I guess it's about react-redux but I'm not very familiar with it.

I generated a Monolithic jhipster-react project using ehcache and h2 database for development. When I run it with ./mvnw and then npm start and try to open two browser tabs/windows in localhost:9000 the scrolling and often entire page and actions get synced, not allowing me to do different things in different pages.

I know that redux is used to save the logged in state of the session, right? Is there a way to keep only that and not sync scrolling and routing etc.?


It's due to browser-sync being used in dev. You should not have this issue in prod and also in dev if you open tabs on java backend port (by default 8080). You could also disable browser-sync in webpack/webpack.dev.js.

  • how do I disable it in webpack? I tried to comment out the new BrowserSyncPlugin function but would get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on localhost:9000 EDIT: on localhost:9060 works like a charm! – leverglowh Nov 29 at 15:14

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