Is it possible in Kentico in c# to get a list of all children by a list of parent node guids?


You need to use something like this:

        var parents = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments()
            .Where("nodeguid IN ('DB472111-B6EB-49F9-B98A-53FF2A0BCCF7',

        var mylist = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments()
            .WhereIn("NodeParentID", parents)

First will return type multidocumentquery (all nodeIds of the parents). Second will add them in WHERE condition and will run the query against the DB. Important note: it is one DB request not two.


You can get all the children by parent guid using DocumentQuery. Should be something like:

.WhereEquals("NodeParentID", GUID);

If you need children for multiple pages simply add or and another guid.

For more details see documentation.

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