I am trying to load the classes required for driverless AI execution(Java API's) using custom class loader instead of the default class loader. Custom class loader is required for the following reason -

  1. mojo2-runtime-impl jar has dependencies on protobuf jar.
  2. My server already uses protobuf-2.7 jar for other features.(Upgrading to latest protobuf breaks my other feature)
  3. I would now like to have protobuf-2.7 jar in classpath by dafault and whenever driverless AI execution is required, I would like to load the driverless AI jars and it's dependencies(protobuf-3.7) using custom class loader so that required protobuf classes are available for model execution.

While using custom class loader, found that the MojoPipelineFactoryService.java in mojo2-runtime-api.jar uses ServiceLoader to load MojoPipelineFactory.class which would inturn uses the thread context class loader. This would try to load classes from the thread context class loader rather than my custom class loader.

Is there any way in which we can work around this ?

Here is an example code snippet that I am trying to execute :

            File file = new File("mojo2-runtime-api-2.1.3.jar");
            File file1 = new File("protobuf-java-3.7.1.jar");
            File file2 = new File("mojo2-runtime-impl-2.1.3.jar");
            File file3 = new File("joda-time-2.9.5.jar");

            List<URL> urlsToLoad = new ArrayList<>();

            CustomClassLoader customLoader = new CustomClassLoader(urlsToLoad);
            Class loadedClass = customLoader.loadClass("ai.h2o.mojos.runtime.MojoPipeline");
            System.out.println("Loaded class : "+loadedClass.getName());
            Method method = loadedClass.getMethod("loadFrom",String.class);
            String fileName = "pipeline.mojo";

            method.invoke(loadedClass, (Object) fileName);

        } catch(Exception e){
  • I haven’t done this, but one suggestion for a totally different approach would be to relocate the protobuf classes needed by the mojo2 jar file. This can be done with shadow in gradle, or shade in maven. Build a fatjar of mojo2 and shade the protobuf dependency to a different path. Then just use your own fatjar instead. I don’t have a working example of this for mojo2 or I would post an answer for it, so unfortunately it’s just a comment. I think this approach would avoid needing a custom classloader, though. – TomKraljevic Nov 29 at 11:47

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