refer to this link, https://www.jhipster.tech/common-application-properties/ I cannot find the solution to config password for redis

    cache: # Used by the CachingHttpHeadersFilter
      timeToLiveInDays: 1461
  cache: # Cache configuration
    redis: # Redis configuration
      expiration: 3600 # By default objects stay 1 hour (in seconds) in the cache
      server: redis://localhost:6379
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    I suspect it's not a JHipster specific property. Have you tried standard Spring Boot properties? Like spring.redis.password – Gaël Marziou Nov 29 at 13:00
  • As @GaëlMarziou said, at docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/… the property is spring.redis.password | Login password of the redis server. The class io.github.jhipster.config.JHipsterProperties.Cache.Redis only has the properties expiration and server (Jhipster version 6.5.1) – admlz635 Nov 29 at 21:19

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