Is there a possibility in IDEA to trigger breakpoint only if some variable has specific value.

For example if I have variable called count and let's say I set breakpoint somewhere in the same scope and I want this breakpoint to trigger only if count variable has value of, let's say 5 and skip this breakpoint in all other cases.

Is something like this possible?

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Yes that's possible in Intellij, breakpoints have a certain of properties one of which is the condition where you can specify a condition that is checked each time the breakpoint is hit. If the condition evaluates to true, the selected actions are performed. Otherwise, the breakpoint is ignored.

You can place a breakpoint on a statement and then right click on that breakpoint and then click on the More option. Then a dialog will pop up where you can add a condition to that breakpoint.

Alternatively you can hit Ctrl+Shift+F8 to open the breakpoint dialog box, navigate to the interested breakpoint and add the condition.

Refer to the official documentation of Jetbrains here.

Here is an example of what the condition might look like

enter image description here


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